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Sam Curreri has been doing it right at Sammy’s Trattoria in Mount Vernon for 10 years, and now he’s opened a sister restaurant, er, enoteca, in Fells Point. Good news, Italophiles. His second joint, which opened in spring 2016, is the real deal, slightly more casual than the flagship but firmly rooted in the same culinary tradition: food that is unfussy and absolutely redolent of good homemade red sauce.

Baltimore Magazine Review

In Mount Vernon, the idea is to drink and eat a lot,” says Sam Curreri, owner of the neighborhood’s beloved Sammy’s Trattoria. “In Fells Point, the focus is on the wine—small pours and smaller dishes.” He’s referring to the newly opened Sammy’s Enoteca, a rustic-chic space designed to mimic the enotecas—wine shops—of Italy. The food is, of course, delectable (Curreri recommends the wild mushroom black truffle risotto, adding that “everything on the menu is a favorite or it wouldn’t be on there”), but the wine is the real star of the show. The extensive list features Italian selections exclusively, including the plum-and-pepper noted cannonau—made from grapes grown in the country’s Sardegna region, the wine is alleged to be the secret elixir responsible for Sardegna’s astronomically high percentage of centenarians. Refreshing rumor, no? Sip it to maximize your lifespan … or just to complement your carbonara.