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History ~ Our Vision

Simply put…. I’ve had a life of truly blessed and educational eating.  The diverse combination of cooking [Sicilian style (father) and Abruzzese style (mother)] made for an amazing young life where food was always a priority and even a lesson. The memories of Sunday marathon dinners, the neighborhood kids lined up for my Nunna’s pizza, and just the simple fact that our day, everyday, revolved around meals helped keep priorities in check.  Food took precedence over everything and unknowingly set my future in motion.  My fathers side, Curreri, and my mothers side, Ruggeri, have been cooking traditional Italian cuisine in a way that directed my life and the lives of my current family.  Basically forced as a boy to be a part of the kitchen I always remember the preparation had to be perfect…the ingredients the freshest.  Growing up with uncles and cousins that owned restaurants, delis, and even Italian nightclubs allowed me to see in into the business and give me a head start at a very young age.  Becoming general manager of a famed Little Italy eatery while in college in the late 80s, through the 90s and into the 2000s and being groomed by each brother in their respective roles in the business, gave me the ability to combine my family’s cuisine and my operations experience and schooling to open my own restaurant and create a unique environment that is true trattoria. A traditional family owned and family operated restaurant in a beautiful, romantic, and  comfortable setting where our guests are cared for and even loved as family.  As we continue to grow, traveling to Italy and spending time with chefs and wine makers there gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, provide motivation and drive to continue to evolve our food, wine, and drink menus.

“Sammy’s Enoteca was created with a strong emphasis on details and service, tradition, uniqueness and memories. The result is a refreshing, relaxed, romantic atmosphere where patrons can visit and receive mouth watering, affordable Italian dishes in a beautiful environment.”